Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love Unawakened

I have always liked the name of this blog. In the very beginning Kathryn came up with it and I've always thought it really captured the idea of our blog. Well as a couple of years have passed and I am now engaged I have realized just how powerful this name is. The saying "Guard you heart" is tossed around so much and I am not even really sure that people (Even the ones saying it) know how to do it. It sounds good and if done is good, but it is never as easy as it sounds. The longer I am engaged the more I realize things. One main thing is innocence and how beautiful it is. We all make mistakes and trust me this is not a brag session. I am thankful that some how I was able to keep love unawakened. In middle school and high school people "fall in love" all of the time. It is an every other day occurrence. I hear girls telling guy friends they love them and I still question whether that is good or not. That is off subject though... One of the things I held strong to was not tossing around the word "love" with guys. I tried my best to not get caught up in any ooey goey feelings. They were many times that others would have already been saying the "Love" word, but I held out. Looking back now did that really do anything? Yes, I think it did. I was close to engagement before I told Matt that I loved him. I had decided in my heart that this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with before I let the idea of loving him in. To me love is life. He told me he loved me before I was ready to say it. I was fine with it, but I never felt pressured to say it back. I will never forget the night that we were in the parking lot and I looked up at him (Remember... he is 6'7"!lol) and quietly said "I love you". He asked me to repeat it one because he could not really hear me and secondly he wanted to make sure I had really said it. It was a big deal! I went inside and told my roommate and the look on her face was shock, but the more we talked she realized how I really meant it.

Girls, each  day I grow more and more in love with Matt. It was just a few weeks ago that I really became overwhelmed with love for him. My heart had not been tossed around so much that this was just old hat. It is new and exciting! Love is being awakened!! At the appropriate and right time this is a beautiful thing! I cannot imagine feeling this way about a guy and then just having him leave. Girls go through that over and over. That is not the way it is intended to be. So if you are young... hold out. Hold out on saying it, but also on the emotions of thinking it. Guard not just your heart, but your emotions, thoughts, and words. Those are what leads to your heart. Do not flippantly give them away. They are valuable.


Godsbeloved said...

LOVE this! LOVE that you are experiencing an awakened love season! LOVE the blessing that comes from holding out!

Laura Renstrom said...

This is awesome Jen! Thanks tons!!!!

Luke Mason said...

Way to be a godly woman who respects the power and gravity of love that is so thoroughly abused in this culture. God bless you!