Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday Night - Team Assignments

Today everyone was assigned to their team. They spent the day with their team getting to know each other and what their assignments would be. Jennifer's comment was "OH MY LORD JESUS WHAT IS GOING ON" when she was assigned to the Roofing Team. They went to their worksite to meet the people where they would be working and to look over the job that they were assigned. When the Crew Leader told her to climb the ladder, she told him NO WAY am I going up that ladder. I will do what ever you need ON THE GROUND. So they worked out a deal and for now she thinks that she will get to stay down. I believe that she said that Megan Finley and William Davis are on her team. Jonathan is on a team with Michael Green and Margaret Hague is there team leader. They are assigned to the scraping and painting team. Everyone seems to be having a good time. They will be eating breakfast at 6:15 am and then hitting the road to the construction site. Here is a link to another blog that I have found for the Little Rock, World Changers group.

Here is a very short video from Jonathan on the house they are painting.

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