Friday, June 20, 2008

I serve an AWESOME God!!

This has been a wonderful week in numerous ways! I had a average of three clubs each day. The first two clubs was at Alabaster YMCA and the third was at Kids First. We are not allowed to counsel (One on one lead a child to Christ after they respond to an invitation.), which is often hard. Also, each club had extremely hard disciplinary problems and there was no respect. At kids first many of the children were from terrible home situations. Anyway, as a group we gave it to God and just asked HIM to work. We had done all we knew and could do. Although, on the last day God worked! Every child was attentive and extremely obedient! Our leader presented the gospel and it was amazing to sit back and watch as God used her to share God's everlasting love!

Just a few illustrations.... Mrs. Debbie, who taught the Bible lesson had plainly said that because we have all sinned her are not allowed into Heaven, but that God had a wonderful plan so that we could get to Heaven and after explaining how Christ took our punishment a young girl (most likely around 8 years old) piratically jumped up and said, "How can I have forgiveness of my sins??!!"! It was such an exciting moment as it was evident that the children were understanding! Also, a young boy had been acting up all week. He was one of the worst distractions that I had ever seen, although just moments before our last club we prayed as a group and he was on many of our hearts. During that club he listened and as he heard the gospel it was as if you could see a change right there in his disposition! He had joy! Afterwards he would have normally come up and told us that he was glad to see us go, but not that day! He came up and began thanking us for sharing with him about Jesus and hugging us. As we left that day the children were talking about Jesus and there was such a sweet change of attitude!

We have no idea a number of decisions that were made, but God does!

I just want to remind you that you serve an AWESOME God! NOTHING is too big for Him! Philippians 4:13 says," I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."! This past week has been one more example of how we can not do it all on our own.... Without God we are absolutely NOTHING!

Please continue praying for those precious children who heard the Gospel this week! I pray that God waters each and every one of those seeds!

In Christ's amazing love,

Jennifer Rochester

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