Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday - Day 5

Again today was a good day. Jennifer was able to lead another youth to the Lord. He was 11 years old. Jonathan was able to wittness to two children today also. Jennifer's team assisted another crew on roofing a house. This house was two or three times as big as their house and had two layers of shingles. They were still hauling shingles to the dumpster today. Jonathan's team finished painting their house today and will be going to assist another team tomorrow. Tomorrow is Jonathan's Birthday.

Jonathan was telling us that in the past two years there as been a total of 17 decision made in Little Rock. This year as of Thursday night there has been at least 15 decision made. PTL

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette had an article in today's paper about World Changers.
"By the end of the week, World Changers aims to have repaired 25 homes, which would bring its total in Little Rock during the three years to 75 homes. Brown said all told, World Changes has saved the city $750,000 in labor costs. The city’s Housing and Neighborhood Programs Department identifies the houses through an application process and spends $50,000 for the supplies and materials using federal Community Development Block Grants."

“To see the joy and excitement in the homeowners’ faces just blows them away,” she said. “It changes their world at the same time that they’re changing the people in Little Rock’s world.”

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