Friday, December 4, 2009

Let your "Yes" be yes and your "No" be no!

~ Matthew 5:37 Let what you say be simply yes or no. Anything more than this comes from evil. (ESV)~

Hey chickas! So, Ive been thinking about how as girls we do not want to hurt anyone or more so we will go back and forth on what we believe to keep our "man" happy. We will lead them on and then when things get hot we begin saying "WOOOOOAH!". Then the guy is let down and sometimes even mad.Another example, on a lower level is when a guy likes you and you are not sure whether you like him or not (you really do not, but you just do not want to say so.), but you continue to lead him on. In the end he gets hurt. Why does this happen? Because we as girls generally have a hard time making decisions. This is NOT an excuse though! Jesus says straight up that our yes should be yes and our no should be a no! If when discussing your standards with your boyfriend you say things such as, "I rather not", "Please do not make me", "I might not want to or feel comfortable", or "I'm going to try not to". You are setting yourself up for disaster! Let your yes be yes and your no be no!

Also, if you say, "No" and those lines are crossed then it is not your fault. I'm expecting that your actions match up with your words. If this does happen (You say no and he does not stop) please realize that you do have EVERY right to make him stop! I mean it... Whatever it takes! To follow that up... please tell someone that you trust! It will be hard and most likely he will either be very apologetic or he will become mad and make threats towards you. Either way.... you need to tell! If he is apologetic, do not believe him. I'm all about forgiving and forgetting, but this is one of those times that you can not take any chances. It would be best to not just tell anyone though... tell someone you trust! Such as, your parents, pastor, youth pastor, older woman, teacher, a friend's mom, etc. Just tell.... not matter how hard it may be!

I love you girls and I want the best for you! That can not happen though if you are wishy washy as far as your answers!

"Say what you mean and mean what you say!" ~ Anonymous


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