Sunday, April 3, 2011

How to help your friends!

If you have friends you have friends with problems. It is just a fact of life! Your friends might not talk to you about their problems, but they also may often share things with you that you are not sure how to handle. Below are a few steps and ideas as to how you can help your friends through life!

~LISTEN... Plain and simple, just listen. Many times people just need to voice their hurts, concerns, daily life struggles, and problems. Being a friend who listens is one of the best friends you could ever be!

~GET HELP.... Sometimes things come up that we alone can not handle. It is not bad to need help! Parents, pastors, teachers, school counselors, etc are all trained to help girls like you so do not be afraid to ask! Just in case you are wondering what some things are that you may not be able to handle. Some of these being.... abuse, rape, alcohol or drug addiction, suicide (Even a threat needs to be taken seriously!), or any harmful activity.

~ENCOURAGE... You may not be able to take away your friends problem, but you can go through it with them! Encourage them daily and even when it seem like all hope is gone continue loving them.

~ SHARE THE GOSPEL... This may seem like an awkward time to share the Gospel, but when someone is going through a hard time without God life truly is hopeless and pointless. Sharing Christ with them is one of the greatest ways you can help them! It may not take the problem away, but it can give them hope, peace and joy!

~KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT... This may seem right opposite of number two, but here I am talking about gossip. There is NO good that can come from sharing your friends pain with another friend. Not even in prayer request form.... it is wrong.

~PRAY... This is sometimes used as a cop out by saying, "Sure I'll be praying for you!" but that is all you ever do. True friends support, but prayer is without a doubt one of the best ways you can support! Earnest prayers can change lives. Don't forget to let your friend know that you are praying for them!



♥beccaboo♥ said...

one of my friends is going through a lot of depression and suicidal thoughts lately. she got some help and was sent home so she could recover more thoroughly... and now she won't tell anyone anything that's going on in her life. we're all very concerned about her & praying for her, of course. but do you have any recommendations on what to do? we don't want to push her to talk about something she isn't comfortable talking about, but because she's bottling everything up it's just getting worse.

Love Unawakened said...

That is a hard situtation... My personal opinion is to just be honest with her and tell her that you know she is hurting and that you are concerned about her although you by no means want to push her. You just wanted to let her know that you care and that if she ever wants to talk you are more than willin to listen. It may take her a little while before she wants to talk, but atleast she knows she has the opportunity! I would also keep encouraging her. Not just like "I know you are down so I wanted to let you know I love you!", but more like random comments that show your support. Let her know that you are praying for her! I hope this helps! :) I will be praying for your friend!

Meggie said...

Thanks for this post, I have many friends who have hurts, and need a real friend.


Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful, honest post. I especially appreciate you for addressing the fact that not speaking up when you know a friend's in trouble can be a dangerous thing.

I've been stopping by the blogs of folks who post on SCL and I'm glad I've visited yours!

~~ Ashley

Sierra said...

I awarded you!

Natalie said...

Great post, great advice! =D