Friday, April 8, 2011


The world has many things that they expect us to do or be. Is it possible to be everything that the world wants you to be? Lately I've realized just how impossible that can be. Let's look at a few things the world says we are to do and be...

~ BE SKINNY- No matter what it takes you are to be tiny. -0 by some girls is seen as fat.

~POPULAR- You have to have friends! Spending time hanging out with friends is a must.

~SMART- You have to do well in school! It is expected by colleges, parents, teachers, and coaches. It takes time to study.

~HEALTHY- Healthy can come from exercise, eating smart, and many other things.

~ THRIFTY- It is a big thing now to save money. This includes finding good deals, using coupons, shopping clearance, and preparing ahead.

~TIME MANAGEMENT- Our lives are jam packed with "stuff: that we have to know how to manage our time. This includes fast meals, driving faster, multitasking, etc.

~ LOVE GOD- It is expected not so much by the world, but by our churches and God. This includes spending time with God, praying, Bible reading, and worship. It is also expected to go on mission trips, volunteer, or help out in other ways.

~WORK- Work is almost a have to. Some teens may not have to work, but almost all at some point will have to work.

How can we do it all? Is it possible? Each girl has her own level of perfection, but lets talk about this for a little while... There are a few expectations that are contradictory. Number one and number four can easily be contradictory. Girls are often not skinny because they are healthy. If you are healthy and skinny that's great, but you add on that you are taught to be thrifty and have good time management. There are very few healthy dollar menus.

Another contradiction is friends and school. Which matters most? How can you fit both in?

This may seem a little dramatic, but I'm getting at a point. We cannot all be everything and do everything. We have to choose what matters most to us. I'm not saying that you have to decide to either do good in school or have friends. I'm saying it is a balance. What matters most to you? Where are your priorities? Each one of these things I've listed are good things, but none of them can be done to the extreme that the world tells us it should be done. I challenge you to choose what your priorities are and live your life in line with that. No one is perfect or able to do everything! I so often see a girl that is amazing at something yet she focuses on what she isn't so great at. Do not be so hard on yourself! The world in itself is hard enough on you already.

I urge you to seek God when deciding what matters most to you! Seek Him and see what HE wants!



Natalie said...

Awesome encouragement! =D

Sierra said...

This makes a lot of sense.I find myself kinda multi-tasking.I'm pretty skinny and I try to eat healthy.I tihnk that I balance friend/family/school pretty well.
But I definitely get pretty stressed at least 4 times a week maybe?
Honestly though God has helped me with school,not getting as upset if I don't SEE my friends(I still email and chat) and I feel like I've become better in my personality.Thanks for doing stuff like this that makes so much sense!

Tabby said...

I know we hear all the time about prioritizing and making it a list like 1, 2, 3. My Dad presented it to me in a different way. He treated it as a picture of a wheel with God at the center. So long as we keep God at the center, our lives will stay in balance and the wheel will work, but if other areas become too big (like social stuff and school) then the wheel will become lopsided and not turn as well. Does that makes sense? Anyway just wanted to share another way of looking at it.