Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hey girls! I wanted to ask you to pray for me this summer... I'm serving with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) this summer and I need to raise around $2,000.00 by the end of may. Please be praying for my fundraising and also this summer as I serve with CEF! Below is my support letter that I sent out which explains what I will be doing better and how you can pray specifically! Thanks in advance for the prayers! :)

I hope this letter finds you doing well! I have been offered the opportunity to work with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) again this summer! I have worked with them for two summers in the past and felt God leading me to work with them again. In case you do not know what CEF is… CEF is a mission organization with a focus on children. During the summer we as volunteers go to a week training. Then throughout the rest of the summer we are divided into teams and each day we teach 5-Day clubs. We go each day for a week to a home, YMCA, church, daycare, anywhere that there are children and have a club. A club last an hour. In that time there is a Bible lesson, memory verse, songs, mission story, and review game. Over the summers I have seen many kids come to Christ! I cannot wait to see what God is going to do this summer! Seeing that I’m in college I now have the opportunity to be one of the leaders, which also means towards the end of summer I will have the opportunity to go with fellow CEF people to Salt Lake city, Utah. We will be out there for two weeks and have a great time sharing the Gospel with others from all over the country while also having an extensive training session. The reason I tell you all this is I need your help. First and foremost I need you to pray. We do not know what kids we will be reaching this summer, but God does. Please be praying for them as well as us as we teach. Your prayers mean more than you could EVER know! Also, I will need to raise around $2,000.00. I ask you to pray and see if God would have you give anything. Your money would go towards teaching supplies, training, air fare to Utah, and living expenses while in Utah. Again, please consider giving. Not only your money, but also your prayers! Thank you for letting God use you!

In Christ,

Jennifer Rochester


ajfcello said...

I'm praying for you Jennifer!! I went to the CEF's CYIA training camp last spring and was immensely blessed!! Praying for you!!

Hannah Marie said...

I'm praying too- I help with a CEF Good News Club here near where I live. :-)