Monday, April 11, 2011

Modesty... Does it even matter??

First off... Let's define modesty... What is modesty? Each person has a different opinion, but since it's my post I'm going to use my opinion! :)

Modesty- Honoring God in what you wear and the way you present yourself!

Here is the deal girls... It is your choice how you present yourself. You can look like a slut if you want to or you can look like someone who cares about herself and believes she is priceless. I often hear girls say, "Aren't we suppose to not care what others think??" that is true. Although here's the catch.... It does not matter what people think of you, but it DOES matter what people think of Christ because of you! Does the way you dress honor God? When you get dressed in the morning what are your thoughts? Are they about bringing attention to yourself or God? THIS is what modesty is about!! It is a matter of the heart.

Girls, we need to quit making excuses. I hear people say, "Those poor girls... they have no clue how they are causing guys to stumble." That is a LIE! We do know what we are doing, yet I continue to see girls do it. We crave attention and we know we can get it through the way we dress and present ourselves. I heard a great quote the other day and it said, "When you stop being the girl that needs a man you become the girl a man needs!" Girls, quit claiming to be innocent.

I also often hear girls say, "my boobs are just to big.... i cant help it!" *roll eyes* Again, this is an excuse. I personally could use that excuse, but I choose not to. God has given me my body. I get to choose who sees it and I choose no one until my husband.

QUIT DEGRADING YOURSELF! We as girls act like we are worth nothing then when guys treat us like we are worth nothing we want to complain and gripe about it. What do you expect them to do??

I'm not going to say what is modest or not.... You know. If you question something, don't wear it. I've heard more guys say that if you have to question it then it is an automatic no.

Sweet sisters in Christ.... I do not mean this post to be mean or anything of the sort, but it is time someone stood up and called us as girls out. This is not acceptable. It all boils down to whether you want to please God or yourself.... which will you choose?



Renee said...

Excellent post, and I couldn't agree more! :)

Emily said...

Being "mean" sometimes is the only way to have people be convicted to do what's right and stop doing what they know they shouldn't.

I'm all for your post. I hope the girls that read this have it sink in and want to honor God in what they wear and not 'flash their goods' for the attention they think they need from guys and making them stumble.

Haley said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for checking out my blog! You have a great God honoring site! What you have said about modesty is absolutely true! Here is a wonderful message dealing with modesty. I highly recommend it for any women or girl. . Keep on posting thought provoking, God honoring posts!