Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thought Filled Thursday!

Hey girls! So, I read this on another wonderful blog about purity and I decided to share it with you girls! It is from a real guy who has no idea who is future wife is, but knows that she is out there somewhere. It almost brought me to tears! I hope you enjoy! :)


OK, I admit, this feels a little geeky. I mean, how many guys write a letter to the girl they’ll probably marry someday – even before they meet the girl? Probably not too many! But the world is a weird place, so even though we haven’t met yet, I thought you might need some encouragement.

To answer the first question you may be wondering about me, the answer is yes. I’m definitely keeping myself sexually pure. I do this party for God and party for you.

I figure if I’m going to ask you to marry me someday, you must be pretty special – so special that you’re worth waiting for. Yeah, I know, plenty of guys have given in to temptation and found a girl whose willing to have sex with them. And I have to admit…I’ve felt that temptation too. But I’m not giving in! Like I said, you’re worth waiting for. Besides, I wouldn’t want a memory from some shallow encounter with another girl making me feel guilty on our wedding night.

How about you? Are you still saving yourself for me? I notice some of the girls in my youth group wear purity rings, and that’s cool. I’m proud of them even though none of them is quite right for me. But whether you wear the ring or not, I hope you’re staying pure for God and me. I mean, who would want an apple after several other people have taken bites out of it. In the same way, my ideal dream girl isn’t one who some other guy (or worse – guys) has already taken to bed. So I hope you are waiting like I am.

Hey, don’t think that you shouldn’t have fun and get to know other guys before me. Truth is, I want you to spend time talking with a varity of guys. (That’s how you’ll know I’m better than all those others dudes when we finally meet!) But I wanted to give you this heads-up: Lots of guys out there pretend to be guys like me. Don’t let them fool you. If they try to get intimate before marriage, they’ve just flipped their hand. Dump ‘em!

As long as I’m writing from the heart, can I mention something that’s bugging me? It’s about clothes. Non-Christian guys love it when girls show off their bodies. You know what I mean: short shorts and skirts, bare stomachs, skimpy tops. Some fashions might not show skin, but they’re so tight they might as well we painted on. They reveal every curve and encourage superficial jerks to think lustful thoughts about the girls wearing them.

I don’t write this to complain. I just want to encourage you to set a higher standard. It would kill me to finally find you – and then to see you wearing stuff designed to glue other guy’s eyes to your body.

Sure, I know what some girls say: “To catch a guy these days, this is the kind of bait we need”. Garbage. Tell your friends that any guys who can be caught by flashing skin isn’t worth having. That’s not the kind of guys who’s going to stick by you and be faithful after you’ve gotten married, had a baby and gained a few pounds. That kind of guy will always be lured to other shapely bodies.

You probably wonder what I look like, so you’ll know me when we finally meet. Sometimes I wonder what you look like, too. Almost every time I meet a new Christian girl, I wonder if she’s you. I might not recognize you at first sight, but be patient with me. I’ll want to get to know you, to make sure you’re sincere and not just putting on an act. But when I see that you truly love God, when I see what a beautiful soul you have, I’ll begin to suspect that you’re the one for me, even if you don’t consider yourself attractive.

Well, this has been kinda strange writing to you like this. But with so many people our age messing up and doing dumb things they can never undo, I figured this letter was worth the extra effort. So stay cool; stay pure; stay close to God, and I’ll promise that I’ll do the same. Deal?

Hey, pray for me, OK? I’ll pray for you too. We don’t have to know each other’s names to do that. After all, God knows!”

See ya (someday)!

Love in Christ,


Brio Magazine 2007


SweetTart said...

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing!

MusicLovinKat said...

I remember reading this Brio issue! It touched my heart! I had forgotten about that. Thanks for sharing this Jen!

Tabby said...

That is so cool. And he says some things I never even thought about.

One thing girls, don't think "Wow. That girl's lucky, I wish there was a guy like that for me." I'm sitting here on the verge of that.

Guess what, there is a guy like that for you! He may not have gone as far as this one to write a letter of encouragement to you, but God is still preparing a great Christian man for you that has those kind of values. And he will be tailor-made for you! Just remember that.

Taylor said...

I loved this when I read it on the other blog a week or so ago. It's amazing. :) I've read alot the past week on other blogs about starting a journal of letters to your future husband...what do you think of that?

Love Unawakened said...

Taylor- I honestly do! Im going to mention it in my post today some, but I think its a great way to share your heart with him before you meet him! :)