Friday, February 5, 2010

What is defined as, "Sexually Impure"?

Hey darlin!

So, we've talked about this a good bit, but I do not think we have ever been straight forward as to what is sex/wrong and what is not. Now please realize.... that this is all Jennifer's opinion, yet I have taken the time to base my views on God's word!

Here it goes... What counts as "Real" sex? President Clinton says that oral sex doesn't you agree? What about phone sex, fingering, making out, feeling each other up, kissing, cuddling, and etc? Here is my second question... Do any of these bring glory to God? I'm not even going to start saying what is right and what is wrong bc there is no definite answer. It is different for every person. My personal standard is that I do not want to kiss a guy to my wedding day. Now, do i think that kissing is wrong? No! Yet, I do know that I have a hard time saying no sometimes especially if it is in a close situation. You may be different! You just have to know what your weaknesses are and how you can best deal with them. Say that you are cool with kissing, but what about making out? If you are making out and the guys hands starting moving in places that they shouldn't. Will you be ok with that or will you try to stop him? If he keeps going... where is your stopping point? Also, as far as phone sex or cyber sex... whatever you want to call it! What is appropriate to talk to a guy about? Can I just be straight up honest with you? If you would have a hard time explaining what you are talking to the guy about to your parents or are hiding it from them it is wrong. Period. I didn't believe that for a long time and then i suddenly realized how true it was. Also... we have discussed doing what ever you do your bf in front of your parents and God, but what about your future husband? Would it be akaward or painful for your husband to see what you do with your bf? Would you want your future husband doing what you are doing with his GF? Most of the time I highly doubt it... I'm all about holding hands, cuddling, anything innocent, but so often things get taken to far.

Many mornings I wake up and pray the verse Psalm 19:14 May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. Girls... be real with yourself! Do your actions (just show what your heart is truly like) glorify God??

I think one of the biggest lies that I see girls bite into is that to get him to "love" me or even like me I have to give him what he wants.... That is SOOOOOO (Yes, Im yelling at you. I mean this with all my heart!!) not true!!! Honey, please realize that love does NOT require it's own way (check out post, "If you love me your will")!!!

I just challenge you to think! I know it feels good... but in the long run will it be worth it? Also, who means more to you....God or that "special" guy?



Anonymous said...

I agree Jen! Some people define purity as being a virgin, but that is only a part of it! Body, mond, and soul are included in true purity!

Wait for you hubby ladies! =D

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! First of all thank you for following my blog! I absolutely think yours is fabulous! I love the way you write your posts. Your very straight forward and don't care to tell the truth whether it is against the tide or not. There is a lot of girls that need to hear this, and also it encourages opther young ladies that are all ready there. That was truely an awesome post and I say keep up the good work.
WOW again!!!! lol.

Anonymous said...

You still haven't defined sexual impurity. You've only said the following:

!.) It depends on the person. (This is not a definition, but rather a condition, and a very vague one at that.)

2.) If you wouldn't do it in front of your parents/wouldn't want them to know about it, it's wrong. (This is patently false. I'm sure that even married couples would be at least a little uncomfortable discussing their sexual activities with their parents.)

3.) If your future husband wouldn't want you to have done it with another man, you shouldn't do it. (This is not helpful. You can't possibly know whether or not your future husband will even care about this sort of thing. Although most guys of course want a girl with high standards who doesn't sleep around, most do not demand or expect virginity. This isn't the Ancient Near East. What's more, the person you are debating kissing/being sexual with could very well be your future husband.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this post really made me think about what purity truly is! I realized would you do have the stuff you did, if you knew god was watching? I am still a virgin, never kissed anyone but have come VERY close to (kissing). Thank you for opening my eyes and keeping myself in check.