Sunday, October 31, 2010

Being Prepared

First off I want to apologize for my post not being as regular as they use to be. I feel like it comes across as my heart really isn't into it, but that is not true one bit! I think about you girls all the time and pray for you constantly! I also think about post to write all the time. The thing is at school i cant get on the blog so that's why sometimes my post are late! Anywho enough explaining...

Are you prepared to be a wife? This question is not asked often in our culture, but it should. Often girls either become moms and so the are just thrown into the mommy/wife world, but if you were to do it the right way, which i trust you girls are doing...are you ready? We all want a guy and we all think we are ready. Seriously though? I know some girls that by one look at them I'm like she will make a great wife, but others not so much. Where are you? I've just started cooking and it amazes me. I use to could not cook at all. How could i take care of a husband? Now of course some men can cook, but there are things that we as girls need to know. Such as, how to clean, do laundry, cook, handle money, stay organized, etc. I see teen girls that are just not ready for marriage at all and they honestly do not even care to be, but yet they want a boyfriend. Can i make this disclaimer now... You may not marry the first guy you date, but you do not need to date a guy if you can not see that as at least a possibility! This is something most people joke about and take lightly, but i wholeheartedly believe God doesn't. My basic opinion (Take it for all its worth!)...if you aren't ready to get married within the next few years you are not ready to date. My point of this post though is start preparing! Start helping your mom... learn to cook, clean, or anything you don't already know how to do! Girl, now is the time. Also, this is kinda a side note, but start learning how to respect/submit to your dad now. If you can submit to your dad you can submit to your husband. If you cant submit to your dad then you cant submit to your husband! Just a fact of life....

Love you gals!


Amber Noella said...

Love ya too! This is great!

Nick said...

1) Being able to clean, manage your finances, cook, etc, are things you should be able to do as a 'person', not just because you're someone's wife. Defining yourself by another human being never seemed like a good idea to me.

2) I don't even know where to start with the whole "submit to your dad so you know how to submit to your husband", but I'll ask you this: I've glanced through the archives and it seems like you have a very good relationship with your parents. I'm truly happy for you, but what about those who don't? Say, their father is an alcoholic or walked on his does that work?

Katherine said...

So true! I agree 100%! The way we treat our present family is how we're going to treat our future family. How we are active in our present homes, helping our parent's out, is symbolic of how active we'll be in our own homes. :)
Also, my dear girl, anyone who follows this blog and reads it can tell that neither you nor Kat are halfhearted with this blog :)

love and blessings!

Love Unawakened said...

Thanks for the comments guys and gals!

Nick, thanks for your comments! I should have addressed the fathers thing. Sadly, you are exactly right and i see more girls who has more of a negative father figure than a positive one. The main thing i would say is you can also look to your Heavenly Father (God). As I told a girl today your mom may have made mistakes and she may not be perfect, but none of us are. The Bible still says to honor your father and mother. The only time you are allowed to not is if they tell you to do something agianst God's will. The thing is a husband is not to be like a father figure (as you stated in your comment he is not to define the other person), but it is all about being able to respect someone and trust that they can make the right choices. I know girls who either commited suicide or bc of drugs he has lost everything they ever owned. This is when you have to seek God and learn how to relate to a man in the way God created you to....not the way the world has made it. I hope this answers some of your questions! I appreciate your comments! :)