Friday, October 8, 2010

Parents AKA Your TRUE friends!

Hi! :) Soooo some of you gals just gagged when you read the title. You know who you are! Anywho, I'm actually really serious about this. I've been on both side being that I never told my parents anything and the other side being I tell them everything. A couple of years back I went through a period where I told them nothing...they had no idea the pain i was going through, the mistakes i was making, and sometimes even the joy I had. I kept it all from them. You have to realize I was home schooled and so this is a BIG accomplishment! I mean its easy to do, but for home school kids it can be tough. Anyway, long story short I one day just sat my dad down (I'm close to mom also, but when Ive done something wrong I go to dad!lol) and said we need to talk. That's when every last lovin thing came out. Was it easy? No, they were disappointed and quite frankly shocked, but they still loved me. Girls, the last few years have been tough, but my parents have been through it all with me. To be totally honest friends come and go. I've had people who I looked up to just leave me, but you can guess who was always there (God of course...take another guess!). This is one of those light hearted yet serious post. I cant tell you the freedom I feel knowing that my parents know everything about me and still love me! When I was being pressured to do something I didn't want to do you know who I went to (After God)? My daddy!! Sis, you may not have as great of home life as I do and that truly does break my heart, but can I tell you hiding things from your parents are not helping you any. Of course there are always those situations where parents are abusive and of course I'm not really talking about those situations, but for the girls who their parents care and want the best for them, which is about 95% of the girls reading this. TALK TO THEM! Yes, you may get grounded if you've done something wrong, but you know you deserve it. Girls, more than even if you've done something wrong.... but if you've been hurt. Tell your parents... My parents could tell something was wrong, but they didn't know what and bc I wouldn't let them in and so they couldn't figure it out. Girls, your parents aren't going to look at you as if you are a freak or as if you have some disease. You would be amazed how open they will be and how much love they will show you!

I just have to mention this bc I cant tell you how many girls do this... Going behind your parents back is WRONG! That would include dating a guy they tell you not to date, going further physically with a guy than they allow you to, visiting Internet sites they do not want you to, listening to music they do not allow you to listen to, having friends they do not want you to have, etc. It is SIN! The Bible says to honor your parents and the world may tell you that its ok to go behind their back, but I'm here to tell you God's word says it is NOT ok! I tell you this bc I've done it and it is not all it's cracked up to be! God has a plan and when you follow it you will be AMAZED at just how right it feels!

If you are reading this and God is saying, "HELLO! I'm talking to you here!" go talk to your parents... Find a time that you can truly sit down and get real with them. If you are closer to one more than the other go to that one. It may be your mom that you are closer to! Whomever it may be. Pray first though... Pray that God guides you in what and how to say it, but also pray for your parents that they will be understanding and loving. I promise you that you will not regret it. I haven't for one second.

Much love,


Nichole said...

Awesome post!!! This is so true!!! I have really been able to appreciate my parents, especially as of late. They are not just my parents now, but also my friends. I think it's a lot easier to talk to them as you get older, at least it is for me. My mom is constantly available for me and I am so grateful for that.Thank you Jen!!!

Natasha Atkerson said...

I know exactly what you mean! I've not had any friends who stuck it out with me, they've all flaked out and left me! Not God, or my parents! Thanks for the reminder!
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Olivia M. said...

Thanks for this post. Some things you said on here are almost the exact words my sister told me yesterday. Thanks for hearing God's promptings and posting this. :) Mark 10:27

throwpebbles said...


Great post. :) I agree that it is SO important to talk to your parents... SO important.

I struggle with telling my parents what makes me happy, what I feel God doing in my life, etc. I have almost no problem telling them how I'm hurting or what I've done wrong, it's just what I do right or what I love that I can't seem to tell them.

But I'm working on it! :)


Sierra said...

Thanks you so much Jen!
I'll print this out and give it to her.Thank you for the advise.
I'll email you sometime(there is some confusion on my part about my email so I have to get that worked out) too.Sierra