Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Testimony Tuesday!

i don't know alot about anything, really, i dont. i dont have it together and i definitely want God to make me new everyday and im JOYFUL about the fact that his mercies are new every..single..day!! i cant talk about something i havent experienced but i can learn from others..what to do..what not to do. and as much evil there is out there, if you have the support system to sustain you, i promise you'll learn a lot just from others and not have to experience every little negative thing that the enemy throws your way.
you know that the only reason we get attacked by the enemy is because he is threatened by us??! he knows that we embrace Jesus and his LOVE, his LOVE that cant be compared to anything on this earth, and it makes the devil mad. he really isnt worried about the people who are so far from God as much as he is interested in messing you up because he knows what you can accomplish. he's horrible and throws everything imaginable our way but when your world literally is caving in, know that the Creator of the universe allows things to happen but he's got us. if your in a relationship with Jesus, it is a happy ending. He doesn't leave, he actually draws closer and closer to you until you make it home to him. love is such a crazy thing that so many people get tripped up on, but why?! we have the perfect example of love and relationship, love is something we should get, embrace, and pour out on others.
love shouldnt be what keeps you up until midnight every night, crying your eyes out because it didn't work out. you know, matt said something along the lines of: maybe the reason you're not with the person you will be is simply because God isn't finished with them yet." think about that, forreal. there is freedom there. so many times we try to grab the pen from Christ and write our own love story. and at the beginning it probably works and looks pretty but inside you know. you know that you made the connections and you didn't let God finish them or finish you.
i got so made fun of in highschool and even college for not dating. every name that you could be called, i promise, i was called. it was "stupid" and "pointless" for me to stay pure and it was just plain dumb to think that dating in highschool was harmful. for the record, i dont think that its harmful but i didnt see one healthy relationship in high school last until today..notice i said healthy. people tell me still today that i have no clue because ive never been in love and rightfully so. but, somehow, and by Jesus and his love alone, none of any of it really hurt me. of course, it wasnt fun to literally have one or two true friends in high school but im thankful. im thankful that i trusted God and that he's not finished with me. i know that whoever i marry will be absolutely incredible, i have no doubt about that..so in the meantime, why not 125% devote my heart to Jesus. ill never have this season again.

this might not makes sense, but honestly nothing i ever write does. and i dont know why love continues to over and over again be what the Lord deals with me on. i believe its because once you know your value and worth, you wont settle. if you dont doubt the Lord's plan, it takes a LOT of stress off you :) im in this incredible ministry where there are relationships that thrive and not just a little, they literally are amazing. and its because they believed in Jesus and his faithfulness :) im so thankful to every couple there and to my parents. for every person who figured it out and fell in love with Jesus first, thank you!!! im so thankful to Jesus for loving me, no matter what.


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