Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jesus, lover of my soul!

This is just something I've been thinking about lately and I wanted you gals to think about it. Who means more to you... Your boyfriend or God? It could be anything or God, but seeing that this blog is about purity we will keep it guys, okeydokey? It kills me to see girls who light up at the thought of talking to their boyfriend yet can't seem to "find the time" to talk to their Lord. It kills me to see girls who would do absolutely anything (Even things that are degrading to them) for their boyfriend yet won't even acknowledge the name of the man who died on the cross for them. It kills me to watch girls during worship just act as if it is nothing, yet when they talk about their boyfriend it is as if the whole world revolves around him. Where is our focus? I can tell you right now my boyfriend knows that he is not the first priority in my life. Most of the time I do not even have to say it... you can see it. There's a song that talks about how a guy wishes his girlfriend got as excited when she talked about him as she did when she talked about her Lord! When was the last time you talked about God with someone? For some of you just a few minutes, for others...days, weeks, months, maybe never. When was the last time you talked about that, "Special guy"? I'm pretty sure it wasn't that long ago... I'm not trying to beat you over the head today, but I am tired of the luke warm Christian girls. It is time to quit trying to look good in the worlds eyes and start looking good in the eyes of the man who died for you and who loves you more than any other man EVER could! We cant stay on the fence any longer. I was talking to the youth last wed night about worshiping. I made the statement that if they didn't mean it I rather them just sit down than to stand their and fake it. I make the same statement here. I rather you just give up the fake card and let the world know you really do not mean it than to act like you are all perfect, yet really not care one bit. On the flip side though, if you really do mean it then LIVE IT! Not just when it's easy, but even when it's hard! I remind myself of the song often that says, "If my God is for us then who could ever stop us?"! LIVE IT TODAY!



♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

great post!


Elizabeth Rose said...

This was a fantastic post--SO TRUE!

Elizabeth Rose

Kay said...

You are sooo right!!! My sister has a boyfriend and you can tell that she puts God first. And I agree, I hate to see girls who dont give thier all to the Lord.
Great post

Sierra said...

When I have a boyfriend I want to put God first.
That was a great post.
If you could, I could use pray on the praying thing.I feel like I'm not doing it enough at all!
I have a friend who went behind her parents back last year and went out with a guy after they said she couldn't.She got busted and this year when someone else asked her she said no but i think that her relationship with her parents is still shaky.Is there a post you could recommend for me to give
to her?I've already told her about your blog but she hasn't come her yet.Anything else I should do?We aren't that close though just O.K. friends not besties.

Love Unawakened said...


Hey chick! :) Thanks far commenting (As well as you other gals!)! I plan on seeing if i can email you, but for right now I will just respond on here. As far as your friend I can see how that would be a sticky situation bc she is acting as if she is doing the right thing, yet it doesnt seem like her heart is in it. I had actually been planning on doing a post about parents, but after i read this i decided it was perfect timing! Check out the most recent post that's called, "Parents AKA Your best friends!". Does she blog? I would love to read her blog sometime! Feel free to e-mail me at You are doing the right thing! Just bc she isnt taking your advice doesnt mean you are a bad friend! Keep caring and loving on her... IN God's timing it will work out! :)