Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Testimony Tuesday!

I was Jonah. The next time someone tells you you can't run from God, believe them. Because, um, well, you can't. I should know. I tried. It don't work folks.

Okay, so I guess I have some explaining to do now. My Mama has been saying for a while, at least the past year, that me growing up as a pastor's kid and as a church planter's kid and learning to adjust to whatever was thrown my way and to be content with what I had, that it was very possibly that I was actually being trained for the mission field. And, well ever time she said it, in my mind I was rebelling. I was saying "no," but I wasn't saying it to my mother. As in, I was telling her that I wasn't called to mission. No, it was much, much, much worse than telling my mother no will ever be. You see, ever time she said it, I felt a tug at my heart, a voice whispering to me in the back of my mind, "she's right you know." And I was rebelling. "No God," I was saying, "No! I'm going to do that, I'm not going to leave everything I know and love to go trekking half-way around the world." haha. The joke's totally on me. So, um, then we went to visit University of Montevallo. We talked to the lady in the art department who does the photography.She has these AMAZING pictures outside her office. So of course, we asked about them. They're documentary photos of the Roma people. See, she works with these people in the refugee camps, mostly in Eastern Europe. She then went on to explain how photography can be used for, basically, missions (she didn't call it that obviously, but that's essentially what it is). She told us how photography is communications and how when you show up with a camera, people open up to you more. (BTW, she also emphasized foreign languages as being, if not necessary, than very helpful in photography. oops.) So at this point I'm sitting there going, "oh crap," in my head. Yeah, you could say I was cornered. But it didn't stop there. The very next Sunday, one of our college students was giving the message. He went to the Sudan this summer. *ahem* And um, yeah. So like the entire time he's talking that little voice is going, "see! see! I TOLD you!" So what do I do? The only thing one CAN do. I surrendered. I said, "okay God, I'm done. I won't fight you anymore. I'm yours. Do whatever you want with me." So I don't know when, how, or even where. But, um, I'm going to end up on the mission field. I don't know if it'll be long-term or shorter trips. I do know that somehow my photography will have something to do with it. and I know that it doesn't pay to play Jonah.


Sierra said...

Cool Story!
I feel lead to work with teens either as a teacher, principle or counselor or just as a librarian (bookworm here) or regular person.Sierra

Anonymous said...

Wow, great story. :) I love travelling, (have been to Kenya 3 times) but I don't think I could ever do long-term missionary work. I just couldn't see myself doing it... and I don't have the little voice telling me to.

I think I'm called to help kids around my home area, wherever that may be. But we'll see--sometimes God doesn't show us his plans for our lives until we're older.

Really well written, and really interesting the way you told the story!! Good luck on the missions trip! You'll have a great time. :)

Becca Danielle
Throwing Pebbles

Meggie said...

Wow, lovely testimony. Keep with God and He will help you through everything!