Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How High Are Your Standards?

Hey Ladies! I was thinking the other day about chick flicks, romance movies, whatever you want to call it. I happened to be flipping channels between The Notebook and 27 Dresses. Early on in The Notebook I was thinking "what attracts me to this movie? why do I love Love Stories in general?" And after moving past the handsome actors the media throws our way, I noticed a common denominator in Chick Flicks: Pursuit. One of the most dominant things in The Notebook is how Noah pursued Allie, and didn't give up until he one her heart. After noticing this I got to thinking about 27 Dresses, Jane thought she was in love with her boss, but if you've seen the movie you know that she really falls in love Kevin. Kevin, like Noah, pursued Jane, and didn't give up on her even when she was acting insane. The thing that makes a chick flick so special to me, and I think to most girls, is the fact that these guys EARN the hearts of the women. They don't wait around for the girls to come for them, they go for the girls themselves.

So after this weird revelation in my thinking, I carried that viewpoint in the world of high school, and started assessing the girls I know in relationships and the ones I know who aren't. I look at some of these girls in relationships, and I know that the relationships won't last, because the guy isn't good enough for them. I noticed that some of my friends who are in and out of relationships are letting the guys be initiators, but it's like that's where it ends. The guys and girls are catching on to the romance of it all, but still falling short. Girls, just because a guys asks you out and he always makes the first move, doesn't mean he has earned your heart. Your standards don't need to stop there. The Bible says to guard your heart because it is the wellspring of life. YOUR HEART IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT! Don't give it away just because a guy has the guts to ask you out. Make him earn your heart. If he's the right guy, and he has God's will in mind, then the pursuing WILL happen, and your heart will be earned. But remember girls, hold out for a hero!!!

I know some girls who have had trouble with guys trying to push physical boundaries. Remember girls, when you hold out for a hero, he will not only be working for your heart but working to protect your purity as well. If the guy is worth dating he will pursue you in the RIGHT ways. I'm not saying he will be perfect, but I am saying that when you hold out for a hero, it will help your purity walk too. I love you girls!



Katherine said...


Love Unawakened said...

Amen sista!! Im waiting for my hero! =) You said that perfectly!

chels4china said...

well said!

Sveta said...

Well said! I too am still waiting for my prince....but I've got a few years ahead of me!


Brooke said...

I really liked this post! Well said.

♥mockingbird♥ said...

amazing, as always. :) I love youuu!