Monday, June 14, 2010

4 more minutes!

I promised myself I would post today and I was determined to do it! So, if i type realllllly fast maybe I will actually get it done today! I more so have a question.... How are you to have a Godly relationship? My last post was about this and after I posted it Ive continued to think about it... There was a whole lot of do's and donts yet, not many how to's (Spl?). Like when you say put God first I automatically think pray together, yet Ive heard that it is very emotionally bonding for two Christians to pray together.... so, is that smart? What about going to church together... Church is a great thing, but if sitting together or holding hands is distracting to you then is it really doing that good? One thing I do think is wise is discussing what God is doing in your life... If you are having some quiet time with God and He really shows you something tell your boyfriend afterwards! I do think it is wise for you both to have accountability partners... maybe a husband and wife so they are together on everything and can help support and encourage you guys to make Godly decisions! This is just a little bit of my thoughts, and now I want to know what you think... :)


P.S. I'm 3 minutes late... :/


Daughter of the King said...

My boyfriend and I keep each other in constant prayer. We have not prayed together, but I know that there have been times where I've asked Jared (my bf) to pray for me. When I visit my boyfriend, who lives an hour and a half away, I go to Church with him. We do hold hands during church service, but we are both focused on the sermon and on the Lord, not each other. My boyfriend and I always discuss what God is doing in our lives, and what we can pray for each other for God to do in our lives. I love having a close relationship with the Lord, and at the same time being able to share that with my boyfriend who I also dearly love. I'd say pray for each other, know your boundaries, and keep your eyes focused on Him is the best way to go! Oh....and something I had struggled with for a while was thinking about my boyfriend and placing his importance in my life before that of my Lord. I have since come to realize that without God being at the forefront of mine and Jared's relationship we are nothing and our relationship is nothing without HIM as well. I sure hope this wasn't all too confusing! ;-D

Rachelle14 said...

Very good questions. I've been married now for 3 years so I'm on the other side of the dating world now. But I can not stress enuogh the importance of having God in the middle of your relationship while you are dating. It is so tremendously easy to mess up, even in small ways. As to your answer is that there is no specific answer. Each couple is different and each couple can deal with things in different ways. And example, a dear friend of mine had a hands off relationship and it was an amazingly beautiful thing, but it would not have worked at all for me. Because I was so tremendously shy, I needed a little bit of physical contact (holding hands, etc...not anything wild!) with my bf so I wouldn't go into shock on my wedding night! :p My bf and I went to church together when we were together but friends of ours wouldn't sit together during a church service. The important thing is to set the bounderies you know you need and keep them. How do you know what those bounderies should be? Talk to people who know you and are wiser, pray about it, and talk about it together. Very good questions is very encouraging to me to see girls striving to have Godly relationships.

Christ is Write. said...

Hey! Love your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you! :) God bless


Love Unawakened said...

Awesome wisdom! Thank you girls for sharing!! :)