Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What does a Godly relationship in tell?

Kat asked me to change posting days with her and so that is why we will be posting different than normal... just in case anyone cares! :)

Here is my question of the day though... Is it possible to have a Godly relationship and if so what does that in tell? Since I'm writing this post I'm going to share my feelings and beliefs on this question! Here is the deal girls... We are called to be above reproach in whatever we do. How does this apply to relationships? There are manyyyyy ways! Here is just a few!

*Being careful how much alone time you have, if any
*Set boundaries (Physical and emotional ones)
*Keep your parents involved in your relationship
*Watch how late and where you talk
*Put God's will above any desire or want you have
*Stay honest and open with others about your relationship
*Seek to honor God in everything you do

Some of these make sense and you may have thought, "DUH", but others this may have been the first time you thought about it. I myself think it is perfectly fine to be in a relationship. I do believe that you need to be careful though... I talk to girls all the time who are like oh yeah I can date and not give my heart away and then 2 months later when her and her boyfriend break up she comes to me crying telling me how much she wishes she would have never gone as far as she did or wishes she would never have given him her heart like she did. Been there.. done that! ok? So, what am I suggesting? Talk to God about it first... If you aren't sure what His will is then wait... it is always better to wait than to go for it and then find out it wasn't His will. Also, if the guys is worth going out with then he will wait me Then talk to your parents. I know this sounds lame and a year ago i would have said, "YEAH RIGHT! Over my dead body!" but then i began talking to my parents and yes, sometimes my mom ask more questions than I wish she would or dad says things that I'm not totally excited about, but the truth is they are there. What i tell them I know i do not have to worry about it getting around like you may have to with friends. I can talk to them anytime and then I also know that they care pretty much more than anyone else (Except God of course!)! If you have their blessings then continue on with it... Again, I'm telling you God has amazing ways of working these things out when they are in HIS will!

Also, the few about the times that you spend alone, when you talk, and where you talk. These are important because things change according to the time and place that you say or do them. For example, hugging in a public place, in the middle of the day, and while being on guard is wayyyyyy different then hugging when you are alone, at night, in his car, while you are in that just, "feel good" kind of mood. Get my point? You can do the same thing, but according to the time, place, and circumstances the outcome will be totally different!

Before I end though... I want to say this. I do not think relationships (GODLY ONES!) are wrong. I'm not getting into the whole courting vs dating thing bc each person has a different definition of courting and dating, but just being in a relationship with a guy I do not believe is bad. I do believe that it should be just for fun. Dating is never mentioned in the Bible. Did you know that? Dating was created as a way to get to know the person before you married them. Over time it has changed to more of a just have fun and no strings attached type of deal. That's not the kind of dating I'm talking about. Moving on though... more than any of the other ideas for making an above board relationship, HONOR GOD IN EVERYTHING YOU DO should be number one! The things you say in your txt... are they honoring to God? The things you are doing when you are alone... Honoring to God? Are you putting your boyfriend above God? This is worth a thought... This is something God has just been teaching me and I wanted to share it with you girls! :)



Nichole said...

Hey Jen-
That was a great post- I don't think it could have been said any better. This blog is awesome, and very insightful! Thanks!

All Other Ground is Sinking Sand said...

Great post!!

& by the way do you mean entail?

not to make u feel bad or anything its just that I always notice spelling.


Katherine said...

Amen!Great advice, praise G-D. :)


Ashley said...

Love the post!!! Can't wait to talk to you guys more about things. I would love to e-mail all of you! My e-mail is
Look forward to hearing from ya!
Luv Ashley

Love Unawakened said...

Thanks guys!!

All other ground is sinking sand- YES! I did spell check and I couldnt find that. The way i spelt it didnt look right, but it was the only way it had it. Thank you! :)

Ashley- I will email you now! :)

Ashley said...

I didn't get your e-mail yet!!! ;-) Hope everything is working alright.

Music chica said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog!
That was an awesome last post!
Yeah...touchy subject with the Dating/Courtship thing.
To bad there isn't like a middle.
Half the time I'm like
this looks great!
Then I go back to the other.=)
Thanks again!
God Bless!
P.S. I think being a counselor is a super cool job.
One thing I'd like to do
when I'm like 30, 28ish
would be to work with teens.

Meggie said...

Thanks for the post, it was quite insightful, I definatly think that we need relationships with boys, but I think we should remeber to date/court when we are ready to marry and make commitments... That has been a thing in my life.