Monday, June 28, 2010

Amber's story- For all you single people!

Girl Patient: My mom's last boyfriend was bald. He was nice, but she didn't marry him.

Kate: No?

Girl Patient: There's always something better coming around the corner. That's what she says...

Kate: If she's not careful, she can spend her whole life waiting.

The above conversation is from the movie, The Lake House.

While I was watching that movie on the eve of Valentine's Day (or as I like to call it, Singles Awareness Day) this year, the last line from Kate really struck my heart, "If she's not careful, she can spend her whole life waiting."

I've gone 20 years without a Valentine and, that quote reminded me that I could miss it. But, what if I have missed it? What if Mr. Right has walked right by me, in and out of my life, and I missed it? But before I begin to wallow in my self-I'm gonna end up like Jane Austen-pity, the Lord reminded me of something He spoke to me right at Valentine's day...while I was, well, wallowing in self-pity - lol.

I was thinking about Valentine's and I was talking to God about how I hated VDay and how it should've never been made into "love dove day" and how I wished I had a Valentine (especially since I've never had one) and in the sweetest voice, He spoke to me and said, "Why would you want to spend that day with anyone other than the one true love I have for you? Until I send him, you can spend the day with Me, the One who will never leave you or forsake you." It was in that moment I realized that I shouldn't want to spend VDay with just a random guy even if it were just a friend, I want to spend it with the loves of my life at this present moment, Yahweh the Father, Yeshua the Son and Holy Spirit! And I want it to be that way until Mr. Right comes along.

To close this blog (which took hours to get just right), I want to write to all you single people reading this. I know a lot of people don't mind being single, they love VDay, but whether you love it or hate it, whether you love single life or hate it, just remember that one day, God is going to send that one very special person into your life and you're going to have them for every Valentine's for the rest of your life...whenever the time is right and God sends him/her waltzing into your life. Who knows, He may have already sent them and you don't even know it yet ;)

Much love,

Amber ♥

P.S. And I've learned that the movies get it all wrong. The awesome guy that the underdog always falls for, never falls back. It's seriously a one in a million kind of thing. But I guess I'll be one of the million that holds out hope anyway...haha. Who knows, that awesome guy could be Mr. Right. Same goes for all of you out's whatever God's plan is and remember, He knows best! Stay in tune with God, you won't miss it but don't rush it!


Giann said...

You are right. Thanks for sharing that!

Maggie said...

Being 14, the push to have a boy friend is really hard because everyone else is over holding their boyfriends hand and talking and laughing with them. This post was amazing! Thank you so much for sharing it! I need to learn that God knows the perfect guy for me, I just need to be patient. :)


Rachelle said...

Good post! And I want to encourage you to keep waiting. The guy God has for you will come and he WILL be perfect...beyond your wildest dreams. I very much remember the feeling of wishing I had a boyfriend. I got one and he was all wrong! Now I wish I would have just waited because I waisted so much time on the wrong guy. Waiting sucks, I know...but it's very much worth the wait!

Mrs. Hicks said...

I agree that movies don't get it right.....but fairytales do.

Think about every story I've ever read/watched about a princess finding her prince charming, the princess waits.

They all WAITED for their man....and indeed their prince came in just the right time!

Keep wating- it's well worth it!

Jen said...

Your blog is the cutest!!! I found you over at Maggie's blog!

Cute story, I'm not single but I can say that the love of your life is out there and you'll know when the timing is right! I think it's very important to rate!