Friday, December 11, 2009

Boy Crazy or God crazy?!

So sis... If you were to be totally honest with me, which one would you say you were? I'm going to describe each side and keep a count in your head of each one that applies to you and which ever side you have the most on is the category that you fall under! Got it? QUIZ TIME!

1. Do you check your phone as soon as your wake
up to see if you missed a txt from a guy? _______
2. Do you spend more time txting, IM'ing, messaging, e-mailing,
or talking on the phone to guys than you do talking to or about God?________
3. In conversations do you bring up the topic of your latest crush most often?_________
4. Would you choose to go on a date over going to youth on Wed night?______________
5. Is your bf or crush a non Christian? ___________________

God Crazy:
1. Do you start your day out by talking to God? ____________
2. Do you spend time with God every day?____________
3. Do you bring God up regularly in conversations?__________
4.Do you go to church on wed night no matter what other options you have?__________
5. There is no question about it...You bf or crush is def a Christian?______________

Which did you mark the most in? God Crazy or boy crazy? Only you and God know... So there is no reason to act as if you are perfect! ok?

Fall in love with God! If you talk to me much at all it is most likely that you have heard me say at some time, "Just fall in love with God babe!". It is my solution to everything! ;) I truly mean it though.... If you have never had a true encounter with God
then you will not understand. My definition of being in love with God is being satisfied with not having a boy friend, trusting God with the good and bad, and basically being in awe of Him! Are you? I use to not be... just being honest! I still have a ways to go, although I can tell you that I love God!! It takes getting into His word constantly and seeking His face.... Are you doing that? Have you ever had one of those friends that you knew they were cool and you could tell that you would enjoy getting to know them better? You never really put forth the effort and so it never really went anywhere until they began perusing you as a friend. Then you turn out being best friends and you wonder why you never hung out before?? It is the same way with God! I remember sooooo many times that I wanted to get closer to Him yet in the morning when my alarm clock, which I had set (with full intent of getting up and spending time with God!) i found it impossible to get up. Then you have those times when something goes wrong and you know that you should go to God.... but you rather just cry or talk to a friend about it. Then there are those times that you know you are in sin (I've been there and I know!) and instead of getting right with God you just try avoiding Him.... Are you in any of those places? There could be something else that is keeping you from falling in love with God. Whatever it is... GET RID OF IT! In the end... it will not matter! You will only wish that you had truly fallen in God! Now that I can see the other side (The side of loving God truly) it is SOOOOO worth it! No, it is not easy at all... and it never will be, but babe God is the best friend/ boy friend you could EVER have! Trust me on that! :)

With more care than you can imagine,


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