Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where's Your Focus? Part 1

Okay over my next two posts I'm gonna talk about focusing on the right things, and not getting to caught up in stuff. This week we're gonna talk about leaving it in God's hands.

Okay, so we've covered some of this in one area or another but I kinda wanted to compile it and drive it home. I believe it was my second post that I talked about the list of things to look for in a future husband. So I love my list, it was carefully crafted. But I don't have every detail of the guy planned out in that list. I mean come on, where's the fun in that? Knowing exactly who you're looking for. It sounds more like shopping for a present than I God-designed romance. So basically I wanted to encourage you to keep your list, stick to it, but leave it in God's hands. God already has your future husband picked out, let him surprise you with the details. Sometimes we get so caught up in the need to find a guy to fit the list that we forget that God is supposed to be in control and this is actually supposed to be romantic. So theoretically you've compiled a list for what you want in a future husband. But have you talked to God about it? Told him that is what you'd like? And what if you forget something? You see, God knows us better than we know ourselves, so he isn't going to forget what you will need. He is shaping your future husband into the man of your dreams right now.

Remember what we're all about here? Song of Solomon 8:4b "Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires." Basically my point this week is not to get so caught up in trying to find someone to fit your list that you forget to let God awaken love in his time, let him orchestrate the romance. God's plan is far better than anything we can dream up. :D

How does this fit purity? Well if God is orchestrating your love life, boundaries will be set and it will be easier to uphold your purity values.

I know this week is short, but that's all I have to say. Think and pray about it, and let God work in your life! Next week we'll talk about focusing on becoming a woman worthy of the guy God has for us!

Love, Kat

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♥mockingbird♥ said...

what a great way to view The List. =)