Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weekend Chat

Okay, so here's how it works. You can post any questions about purity (or other areas of life if you really want to) in the comment box. But instead of just me and Jen answering your questions, we'd like you guys, the blog readers, to jump in with YOUR opinions. Yes, we encourage y'all to do this with any post, but basically we set aside the weekend for YOU! You can post questions, answers to someone else's questions, whatever. Just please keep it clean, of course! So.... I guess just start whenever!

Love, Kat


Anonymous said...

so i am about to go on this trip with my bf we are not going to be doing anything we dont need to do and i trust him but if he does try to pull something on me and i am not comfortable with it what should i do??????????????

Anonymous said...

Well girls, what do you think?

Anonymous, if you'd like my opinion I'll be happy to tell you what I'd do. :D


Love Unawakened said...

Im sure kat has an amazing way of handeling this, but my question is... have you talked about what you are comfortable with or not with him? He may not know that something would make you uncomfortable, when in reality it would! So, you might want to talk about it with him. Then... if he tries to go past where you are comfortable then you know its not "just a mistake"... Make sense?

Btw, I am already praying for you and that you will know what to do if that situation does happen to come up!