Thursday, December 17, 2009


Revolution is knowing what you are suppose to do and actually doing it! ~ Bro. Hal

"I see a generation, Rising up to take their place! With selfless faith! With selfless faith!!! I see a near revival! Stirring as we pray and seek! We're on our knees.... We're on our knees!! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!"

Girls... Are we going to be a generation just like the others or are we going to step up and take our place?! That's YOUR decision and YOUR decision is effected by the choices that YOU make TODAY! Revival is stirring as we do what?! PRAY and SEEK as we are ON OUR KNEES! Will you spend time with God today? It's the only way any change will ever be made....

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Beth said...

I'm so excited that you stopped by! I can't wait to explore your blog a little more! I've been running behind on my updates and hope to catch up after the holidays! It is nice to meet you! Looking forward to getting to know you more!
God Bless,