Monday, December 7, 2009

Preston's Story!

I grew up in the church and had a hint of morality or what some people would call godliness, but i didn't have God. I went to church and prayed often but I was still very much worldly. When I wanted something ,I went after it. I denied myself nothing. I was my own god. I gave myself over to sex, drugs, and alcohol as my lifestyle. Most of the time they came as a package deal. I could tell you that i hated every minute of it, but i'd be lying. Its quite possible to do those things and have fun at the same time. I did. Its also possible to find yourself temporarilly satisfied in it. I was. I wont deny that. The thing I can't deny is the fact that everything that comes from that type of lifestyle is in absolute rebellion against a sovereign God. Once this reality sank in, fear struck me. The wonderful thing about fearing God is that it happens to lead you to a cross, and this cross leads to amazing grace. Praise God!
I started writing this thinking I was gonna talk about purity leading up to marriage, but I dont think I can just talk about one part of a life submitted to God. Yes, saving yourself for marriage is great(God actually demands it). The thing is, God also commands that we not Gossip or slander. Personally I wish wouldn't have made so many mistakes with women, and it kills me that I can't take what I've done back. I'm going have to admit to my wife my mistakes, and I'm not excited about that. This is where we can make this issue more about ourselves than about our actions against God. Why do my sexual transgressions seem to so far outweigh the ones from my speech. You and I will be equally accountable before God for every word we have said against Him, as well as every action we have done that is against Him. Sometimes we forget, the only reason that we don't do these things is because we serve a God that is infinitely worthy of our obedience. I have been guilty of focusing on one thing that God requires while blindly negating others. Do not be like me. Work towards conforming your whole self to Christ while at the same time knowing that the only way this is possible is through Christ. Guard your mouth, your eyes, and your heart. This world is so tempting, and if God wasn't real, I would follow in its ways. But the fact remains that He is oh so real, and I will gladly follow him. I beg you, Do the same.


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rhonda said...

Thanks for sharing your story Preston. You are doing an excellent job in guiding our youth in the right direction. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what God has planned for your life.