Friday, January 29, 2010

Could you see yourself marrying him?

I ask myself this question all the time... So, I thought I would ask you girls the same thing! This applies to any guy you have interest in. It doesn't have to be necessarily a bf. It could just be a guy you like! Girls have often asked my why I do not have a bf and the truth is that besides the fact that I do not feel that it is God's will for me right now, I also to be 100% real with you know a guy who I could see myself marrying. I'm not saying that I wouldn't marry any of the guys I know, but not at this point.
So…. With that said. Can you see yourself marrying the guy that you are so “In love” with? You have nothing to prove to me… only yourself. Often when I ask girls this they respond with, “We are just going out… no one said anything about getting married!”. Think about it though… that is setting you up for divorce! When you do not take relationships seriously and you only see it as a passing thing and something to have fun you begin setting bad habits. There is nothing wrong with liking a guy at all! I just wanted to get you thinking… Could you marry him? Please what ever you do…. Do not try to make him into the guy you want him to be. Only God can change him!
Seek God… If I could give you girls one piece of advice it would be to… SEEK GOD WITH EVERYTHING YOU ARE! It will turn your life upside down… I’m telling you from experience.
Much love,

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