Friday, January 1, 2010

Where is your focus?

Hi darlin!

So, I've been thinking constantly for the last week or so what I was going to blog about today and I decided to do a little bit of a different post. This doesn't have much to do with guys although it definitely can apply to the area of guys. My question is... are you focused on life right now or eternal things? What are the things that upset you, bother you, or worry you? What gets you the most "worked up" for lack of better words? I SOOOOO often see girls who are consumed by guys... they worry about whether he likes them or not or if he thinks they are "cute". Then there are those girls who are consumed by losing weight... if they could only loose 5 lbs! Some are consumed by school and others are only concerned with making people like them... no matter what it takes. Each one of these can be a great thing if they are used reasonably. There is nothing wrong at all with excelling in school, being Homecoming Queen, being attractive, or having guys like you. Yet, if that is your main goal in life then you may need to change something. I remember a teacher of mine use to constantly say when someone would get upset or frustrated with something, "It isn't an eternal issue!". That is kinda a mood killer isn't it?! You know! You are all worked up about something and then someone points out to you that it isn't going to matter in eternity...

A couple of days ago a CLOSE friend of mine was diagnosed with stage four cancer. It was one of those things that it happens to other people... but not my friends! Well, that's not true. I quickly began realizing how short life is. Seriously... What is your focus on? Is it on eternal things or life as of this moment? Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, "He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.". Girls! Do you see the big picture?! As sad as it sounds... some day you are going to die. Will it matter that you were a size zero? I highly doubt it... God calls you beautiful!

Enough negative though... lets look at the bright side! Bright sides are SO much better! :) You can put your focus on God and eternal things! What are some eternal things? Basically... salvation. How many of those guys that you are in "love" with saved? If most of them then that is great, but I'm sure not all of them are... The majority of us have friends who if they were to die today would go to hell. You know I'm right. What are you doing about it though? If you truly "loved" them you would share the wonderful Gospel if Jesus Christ with them! Another example... what good is it if you are popular, yet some of the friends you have do not know that God is not only your Savior, but also your Lord? Get my point? You girls have an AMAZING opportunity... this is your time! What are you doing with it? Will it take being told that you have cancer and do not have long to live before you will become focused on eternal things? I sure hope not... I pray earnestly that you girls will see what all life holds and how much of a difference you can make. It's your choice though...

W/ more care than you can imagine,

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