Friday, January 8, 2010

What is in your future?

Hey chicka!

Did you happen to read Preston's story a few weeks back? If you didn't get a chance to then you should go back and read it! He talks about how he will one day have to tell his wife of what he has done in his past. How it would be hard and how he wasn't looking forward to it. Well today we are going to look into the future some... It may change your thoughts about some of the things you are doing now. Think ahead to the time that you have found the man of your dreams... you know that he will be proposing to you soon and the time has come to get everything out in the open. Picture the tears, pain, and the hurt as you begin telling him of how you this with this guy and that with that guy. Or here is the other scene option... Same time, but you have very little to tell. If anything, it is that you were tempted yet didn't give in. He feels SO loved and cherished! Which would you like to have?

Now is the time to make that choice! The choices you make now will determine what your situation looks like when the time comes. I'm not sure about you... but I want my husband to know how much I cherish him. I want him to know that I waited. Yes, I will have things that I have to tell him, but it isn't a once I have one thing to tell him I mise well have 30! God offers forgiveness (1 John 1:9) and so should your husband if you are marrying a Godly husband. He will follow God's example and show you forgiveness!

So, I challenge you to think with the future in mind as you make decisions! They will determine your future!

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