Thursday, January 14, 2010

Words of wisdom from Jen.... :)

Hi! I just wanted to give you some words of wisdom concerning some things that I've learned. We are going to talk about being careful when you are in the dark and when it is after 12pm. Side note.... is it just me or does that sound like Veggie Tales? I think that I've watched one to many 3 year olds.... Anywho, back to my point!

As far as the dark.... things can happen. Sin seems to creep in faster when it is dark. This doesn't necessarily apply, but I thought of John 8:12 which says, "I am the light of the world.". That is God talking. Girls... God is Holy, perfect, and basically sinless. This is just my observation...but being in a well lit place often takes away some temptations. Now please do not get me wrong.... just because you are in a dark area does not mean that sin will happen and just because you are in a well lit area does not mean that sin isn't a possibility. I'm just saying that it helps to be in light. Here are some examples.... You are sitting by your bf, watching a movie and the lights are out. What might happen? Many things.... If you turned the lights on where someone could possibly see you, would that illuminate some of the temptation? You bet it would! Then there is the senerio of you are sitting on the back of the church van or band bus. It is dark and no one can see where your hands are. Is that a wise choice? No! You may not be able to turn a light on, but you can choose where you sit (towards the back or the front) and you can choose who you sit by! You may really really like this guy and all, but if it will push you to give into temptation it would be worth it to give up one time of sitting by him!

Secondly, what happens after 12pm is often not as wise as what happens before then. My thought on this one is txting... You know what I'm talking about. You are tired, laying in bed, and your mind wonders. It's natural, although not right! Psalm 19:14 says, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.". Do your txt after 12 or anytime that you are laying in bed show as an example to this verse? Do they glorify God? You have to be honest with yourself.... I HIGHLY advise you to guard your txt. Can I just make this disclaimer now? Phone sex is sin... No, it is not "real" sex, but it is still wrong. If you question whether some of the things you are talking about are phone sex or not... take it to God. Search out His word! Most of all... ask yourself if what you are saying glorifies God!

More of Jennifer's Wisdom to come! :) Also, if you have any words of wisdom feel free to share!

P.S. The reason I posted a day early is bc I was afraid that I would not have time to post tomorrow... So, I decided to do it early! :)

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