Friday, March 5, 2010

Broken by life, yet used by God!

What do you think of when you see this pot or vase (whatever you choose to call it!)? It seems perfect... There are no nicks, marks, holes, or rough spots of any kind. Now if I wanted to use this to hold a candle and shine light how would it work? Not so well... Although it's pretty on the outside it wouldn't do a great job of shining light.  

What about this pot though? It would show the light! This is like our lives. We are these vases. Each one of us has our own personal story and our own marks. Some have more than others. What causes these dents, holes, and rough spots? The hurt, pain, and suffering of this world. Whether you chose it or not.... It could be rape, a bad relationship, being emotionally, mentally, or physically abused, or just the consequences of mistakes that you have made such as having an abortion, premarital sex, going behind your parents back, or just not following God's will. It could just simply be feeling unloved or unwanted. All of these molds you into the person you are! So if you have been hurt and you have a good many holes through out your pot that just makes you where you can shine more light! If the lights were turned off can you imagine how beautiful that would be?! 

Now what is the light inside? God's light! If you have asked Jesus into your heart then you have His light inside of you! So often girls think that their past has to be something terrible that you hide and can never face again yet really God can use it!! He wants to! So next time satan tries to remind you of all the bad that has happened to you or you have done please (for yourself!) remind him of how God is now using you the way you are to shine HIS light!! This world tells us that we have to be perfect to be used by God, but I beg to differ... I challenge you to find one verse that says that! 

I pray that you girls see how God can use you and the person you are! 


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