Friday, March 12, 2010

What is TRUE love?

Before I even start I have to confess that this is one of my pet peeves... When I hear girls and boys tell each other how much they "love" each other when they do not even show just makes my skin crawl!!! With that said.... What is TRUE love? Do we even have an idea? Our view of "love" is sooooo warped! The sad part is we do not even realize it... What do I mean? It was once asked, "Does a fish know that it is wet?". What do you think? That is all it has ever known. It lives in water. It may have an idea that there is another way to live, but that seems impossible. We are like that! All we know is what our culture tells us. What our parents model for us also molds our mind set. Do we allow God's word to play a part in setting what we believe in? Before you quickly say, "Yes! Ofcourse!" think about it... what does the world tell us? Premarital sex is not only ok it is expected! What does God's word say? It says that there is to be not even a HINT of sexual immorality! We think (Just in general... i know everyone has differences of opinions, but just in general.) that touching, kissing, making out, phone sex, and other things are fine. I have nothing against kissing, but does it cause your mind to be pure? Does it push you towards a closer relationship with God? These are all things that you have to really ask yourself... What about how the world tells us that it is ok to lie, deceive and do whatever it takes to get whatever we want. What does God's word say? Not only does it say we are to be honest and honarable with our actions, but it also says that we are to put others above ourself. You may not actually lie to get what you want, but have we not all deceived or made up a story to make yourself sound innocent?

Girls we are consumed by the world and the only way for that to change is to be consumed by something else... What you may ask, GOD!!! In the next couple of weeks we are going to look at some raw truths from the Bible. They may seem unreal or impossible, but they are what God tells us we are to be aiming towards! Are you willing to join me in this journey?

Your sister,


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Katherine said...

Very bold, very true, very needed in this world. Great post.:)